A look inside my head
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2002-06-28 23:33:39 (UTC)

dickey rickey suits him

what a f-ing flamer. "oh call me tomorrow, then we can hang
out friday". oh look, it's friday, and guess who doesn't
return my calls. and guess who i see at billy's showing off
his new camaro.....uuggggggggggggggggggggggggh dickhead
major. he didn't say anything about being an ass hole to
me. and justin was there. wonderful...and he didnt make eye
contact or say a word to me. well he can rot for all i
care, well i can't say that because i really do care...i
care about him too much. he liked me, and i pulled away,
and when we were distant i started liking him...figures. i
really hope he doesn't stay all pissy and i leave with thng
all f-ed up. he's so pissy, i can't stand it. he get's all
worked up about something, in this case Phil's poor truck,
and then he takes it out on me. flamer x 10, ricky too.
ricky didn't look too hot today now i'm juts
being superficial. well too bad for them !

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