the ups and downs of my life
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2002-06-28 21:48:18 (UTC)

sometimes i get stressed

well today i did absoutly nothing. we are going to eat in
a little while. i think i am going to start running like a
mile every morning or evening depneds on the day. i need
to get in shape. i also want to lift weights and get my
legs stronger. i just wish someone else would do it with
me so we could motivate eachother.

well i am going to buy two things from avon. this really
cooll picsis thumb ring and a hook earing thats for one
ear. i tried tocall my cuz to ask her if she wanted one
because if u buy two u get them for less but she couldnt
talk on the phone one night and last night she wasnt

well........what else to say. my lil brother was being a
pain today he was really emotional.

my aunt that lives in ohio is going to go looking for her
son whose about twenty three now. she hasnt seeen him
since he was 17. i couldnt imagine not seeing ur son or
know where he was for that mnay years. i mean for all she
knows he could be a drugie living on the street or be
dead....on the other hand he could have a great life and a
kid but if he did wouldnt he be looking for her. he knows
eaxactly where she is. but she doesnt know where he is

well dinner time g2g

p.s. my mom is such a crab...y is that