2001-06-25 03:22:33 (UTC)

close your eyes...

...and let me love you to death.."

I hate this shit so much. I hate him so much. I had a
really stressful day or something im so irritable and sad
and angry and shit... like I woke up and I so didnt even
want to get up and I knew I had to go to work at 4 and uggh
but I got up and started making my pants but then my Mom
was all up in my room on my computer and shit turning down
my music and on my computer the WHOLE TIME like when I LEFT
she was still there and I was rushed and then the traffic
was fucked up because there was a big fire in the
neighborhood next to mine and I got lost and thought I was
guna be late then work sucked except at the very beginning

the very beginning was cool cus I got to talk to Sheila and
then the cool TOOL girl with sunny hair came over and was
like " I LOVE ani difranco" and i was like holy shit dude
hehehe and she talked to me for a bit and then the guy next
to me knows her and he talked to me again and hes pretty
cool a little too cocky for me but anyway hes nice and then
from then on

it sucked i had training ish shit for 2 hours thne the rest
of the night I shadowed Jovana (isnt that a cool name) the
girl that sits kinda by where I used to sit, next to Andrew
where I WANTED to sit but Rochelle's a bitch, and anyway
we played "dope wars" for a while and then i got out of
work and went to gus's and matt was weird and that weird
ass kid John was there I dont think I like him... and he
made me take him home... like I didnt even offer. He just
got in the car. Whatever. no big deal - I wish I could
say that was the low point of my day but no. then Matt
wanted to go home. And I had talked to Caroline and she
said we could come over but I felt weird like going by
myself even though I've ended up there by myself, I dont
know... I dont want her to think I'm so annoying but in any
case it doesnt matter cus I called her again and she didnt
want me to come over cus Vicki was there so I felt dumb and
had to come home where my FUCKING FATHER IS fuck him! now
they're talking about having his legs AMPUTATED! ...
whatever i hate him so much.. and shes so stupid I dont
want to end up like her and I know im going to its like
yeah mom just LET him come back and fucking BEAT YOU AROUND
just a LITTLE BIT MORE... fuck that man god I hate him and
it makes me so mad at her to let him in here I FUCKING HATE
PEOPLE I hate people. I hate. and my mom is being really
bitchy to me and its making me feel so like shit and then I
dont know my head hurts and my rooms a mess and she made a
mess around my computer and then complained that my rooms a
mess! just last Sunday I cleaned my ENTIRE room ALL day
fuck that UGH and carolines on but shes not talking to me
really and she said shes not staying long I really think
I'm a loser.. I'm just going to go to bed.