The Daily Babble
2001-06-25 03:16:31 (UTC)


Ugh...I'm taking a break from my paper to write this
entry..its been one hell of a day...I set the alarm for 10
AM, but I was tired and turned it off, hehe. But I still
ended getting up at quarter to 11...I showered and
everything and then started working on my paper...around 1
I went up to make lunch for me, my sister, and Jay. I was
a little annoyed cuz today was my second cousin's
engagement parents were the only ones that went
and of course they took my car! Not like I had anywhere to
go but it still pissed me off. I made spagetti and then I
made another batch of brownies and we all ate...

I went back to work on my paper and then made some brownies
and ice cream and went back to my paper...then my parents
came home so I talked to them for a while...My mom put
mehndhi in mine and my sister's hair and then they went

A few hours later I washed it out and man was it hell! But
now my hair is all smooth and silky and even has a slight
brownish tint to it. =-)

Then I finally sat down to type my paper [originally I was
reading and writing down ideas on paper] and the phone
rang. It was my cousin and her husband in Atlanta, so I
talked to the both of them for a while. That was a lotta
fun...My cousin is coming here on Friday and she's gonna
stay at my house so I'm pretty excited about that...She
came by a few months ago but before that I saw her like 4
years ago. The rest of her family is coming from Chicago
too, so this will be the first time we'll all finally be
together, so it should be a lotta fun. My "brother-in-law"
was being a punk and when he talked to my sister he kept
trying to convince her into going into engineering so that
was pretty funny.

After talking to them, I went back to my paper, but my
keyboard got totally retarded so I got really annoyed. So
I went to ask my dad if we could go get another one...then
I went to call Vikas and see if I could take his old one,
but I got the answering machine, so my dad told me to call
Staples and see how late they're open and then we went
there and bought one for 15 bucks. Not bad. But now at
least I can type normally!

After that I've basically been working on my paper, helping
with dinner...working on my paper my paper my
paper [hahaha--for those of you who get the joke..hehe]

My friend Toral called me a little while ago so that was
pretty cool, I haven't actually talked to her in a long
time...We talked for a while and then I went back to my
paper...I think I'm almost done with it so lemme get

My baby comes home tomorrow!!!!!!! I can't wait! Even
though I probably won't hear from him til Tuesday, but
that's alright...I can't wait to see him, I miss him so

Well, g'nite