Purple Coffee, Blue Monkies
2001-06-25 03:09:33 (UTC)


Wow...I just finished watching the season finale of Queer as
Folk. It really moved me...It made me think about things
too. In it, there were these 2 guys (obviously gay) and like
they were 30 and 18. Brian is the 30 year old and umm the 18
year old's nickname was Sunshine. Well, Sunshine was having
his senior prom, and he really wanted Brian to go. But Brian
wouldn't have it. Well, Brian ended up showing up anyways.
So they danced and made everyone go into awe. After the
dance, Sunshine and Brian walked back to Brian's car. Brian
gave him a kiss good-bye and Sunshine walked away. Well,
outta Brian's mirror on his door, he saw someone walking up
behind Sunshine with a bat. Oh yea, Sunshine's real name is
Justin! Anyways...someone was walking up behind Justin, this
guy that totally hated him. So Brian gets outta the car and
goes "Justin!" Justin turned around and WHAM the dude hit
him on the side of the head. The show ends with Brian
getting outta an ambulance and Justin being wheeled
out...there's blood everywhere. The next scene is Brian and
his friend Mike sitting in the big hospital corrider...and
Brian starts to cry.

It made me realize that if I hold my feelings back til the
last instant, then they may never be heard. You see, Brian
secretely loved Justin, he was just too manly to say it. He
was playin hard to get. Then the worst came to worst, and
Brian realized his true feelings.

Which is why i'm typing this: if you love someone, or deeply
care about them, don't wait until it's too late to tell
them. Never play hard to get either, because you never know
when it's gonna be your or their last day. You shouldn't put
off things that should be said today til tomorrow. If you love
someone, tell them. Don't spend your life worrying about
what other people think, or how people are gonna react when
you tell them something. Just do it. Let them know. I've
done that a couple of times...and i've learned the hard way.

Take my friend Ellen for example. She passed away January
13th, 2001. I never thought it'd happen. It happened
completely outta the blue. Now she's gone. I never got to say
good bye...I never got to dance with her one last time. Now
it's too late. Like I said before, don't put things off til
tomorrow that are important enough to be said today. Even if
it means telling your mom that you love her, do it.

So, my friends, I leave you with one last question:

What if tomorrow never comes?