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2002-06-28 18:41:14 (UTC)

~my first entery~

hey everybody!!!!!!! this is my sirst enetery and im using
an online diary so that my little sister wont steal it and
read it!!!!!!! lol anywayz i am really bored! i have to sit
home all day to watch my sister and nnobodys online!
i read an e~mail the other day and it made me reallly
pissed! someone thet i thought was a really good friend
called me a bitch~!!!!!!!!! i was really mad! butt thats ok!
i have read some of her enteries in here and decided that
i will gie people nick names so they dont get pissed at me
if i say something they dont like! does nebody not agre
with that? well writhe back soon thanx~luv hunnie!

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