Dark Secrets
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2002-06-28 18:08:15 (UTC)

Too much happened in my head..

Too much happened in my head lately.. It's been just 2
days...messy emotions....I guess it must be my PMS. Im so
afraid, coz it's not coming yet. It's late for nearly 2 wks.
My bf was pretty upset with me these few days for always
being upset with my life, when i said i will try to be
happy, he thinks i didnt make it....but i thought i did my
v best...that disappoints me, because it means a great deal
whatever he thinks of me.

Too much confuse by my own thoughts even. Is
it my PMS? Yesterday nite, Greylies from icq told me that
im bloody annoying, she said i shouldnt ask her why....and
so on, i forgot what others things she said and i dun wanna
remember. i just rem she said i should noe how i treat my
friends.....bad of coz, thats what she meant....i said i
should go commit suicide, she said perhaps....
how mean, i became so down, coz on the same day my bf said
im a busybody, that means bloody annoying...and he did told
me once that i didnt treat my friends well enough.....i
didnt mean to, and i didnt offend them at least. I msg him
all these abt what Greylies told me...He comforted me like
a sweetheart....he told me not to speak to greylies again
he said she is crazy and she is the most extreme girl he's
never known of....he did his that moment my heart
was filled with sweetness....we ended with kisses over the

Tonite, i went out with some of my classmates for steamboat
at marina south. It was sth gd i felt abt the fresh feeling
of being out with a group of pple again for a gathering.
Now im here, pressurized with lots of things, money stuff,
getting a new printer, and how im going to persuade my mum
to let me go hk, the chance might only be 10% or 0%.
Carina called me tonite, she asked me out on Sunday for
shopping, i realise that it's her b day on that day after
that, and im suppose to get her sth......she didnt contact
me for more than half a year....and she asked me out on her
bday, what i was thinking was...she wanted a present from
me. I should stop my negative thoughts..
im off to bed now...