Come Summers End
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2001-06-25 02:53:18 (UTC)

The First Day

My name is Samantha. I am almost twenty years old, and I
feel as if I have already lived a hundred. November was
the month I became engaged in, to a wonderful man. We have
almost been dating for a year now. This July will make a
year. His parents think that we have already been dating
for a year. They also think that we just recently became
engaged. I am working at the university in my state to
have spending money, and to be out of my parents house. I
love my parents dearly it is just I can no longer live with
them. I think there comes a point in each persons life
where they realize that their parents home is no longer
theirs. It is when you see that you like your life to be a
certain way and the "path" or way they want for you is not the
one you choose for yourself. I love drawing and writing.
My major at this university was English. I gave up on it
though, and I am going to transfer to another college to
work towards a degree in Secretarial work or emergency
medicine. I am so depressed right now. I have my life
ahead of me and I am already tired of the way my life has
been going. How does one change the direction of their
life if they don't know what way they are traveling? I
feel that we are all players in a concherto we call life.
None of us know the song that we are to play, only the
conductor, and we do not have any sheet music to play by.
We all play by ear hopeing that we never miss a note, and if
we do that we will be able to recover quickly. We never know when
the song will end or when we will no longer be needed in the
symphony. When the song does end for us we only have one
wish, and that is that the song would have continued for
one bar more. I leave with that thought.

06/24/01 11:00 pm est