lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-28 17:44:19 (UTC)

no, no, and probably not

haha that's the way things have been going lately.
nooo it's all good though, i was just really bummed
when my dad told me i won't be able to windsurf next
week when we go to shaver. and he told me i can't
have his truck no matter what (even if i pay for engine
repair). and there have been a few other "no"s lately
that just hurt my feelings. ahh spoiled whiny brat
syndrome is kicking in.

today i woke up waaay too early. 8:30, and i actually
had trouble dragging myself out of bed. i had to go to
the doctor's and get blood tests and stuff but i'm a
happy kid now cuz my mom & i got bagels. haha i'm so

i leave for shaver on wednesday, so hang out with me
before then. ooh yay and hume is in 30 days. yippee

i just realized i've been sitting here listening tto jazzy
elevator music for the last 10 minutes. ahh i need help.