When its all over and done with....
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2002-06-28 16:50:06 (UTC)


hey today i have to go to my brothers friends grad
party...Their names are Kevin and Kristy Costa, they are
twins and all. I have had a crush in kevin since i frist
saw him but it began to dim after we stopped talkin as
often. But we are still friends and all but there is still
sumthing attached to him and im just hopein sumthing will
happen at this party that will bring us closer together cuz
i really think he would make a good freind or a boyfriend.
He is one of a kind and even my parents like him. thats a
hard thing for me to find too. I just want things to work
out between us...i just hope he gets over not wantin a
relationship stage. even if we dont go out i would like to
stay friends as he goes to college and i continue my life
in high skool. Well im gonna go get ready for the
party...its not like i will know n e one there except for
kevin and kristy and a few others but its not like they
would want to talk to a sophmore in highskool...bye

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