OhBaby It Is Me

2002-06-28 15:58:21 (UTC)

My Way

My life is so going my way right now, besides all the
friend deals and all that usless shit, everything else is
the best it will ever be. I had a choice this morning
frist thing after I got up. I was awoken and handed a
phone, on that phone was my father telling me that I had 3
Grand Am's to choose from: a black 00, a silver 99, a a
metalic green 98 with a sun roof and spoiler. SO that was
one thing, then I got my senior licence in the mail, and
then I got my report card and even thought I got a 66 on my
Physics regents, I passed the class with a 65. And this is
the part I like the best, I got a 90 on my Math Test, and
100 on my English Test. I'm so happy right now, I've been
having such a good week too, with graduation, the water
park, the wild party we had last night. It's all been so
great. I'm so happy right now. I really really am. I
hope that people are coming to my house today like they
said. Or that might be another promise broken. But let's
not dwell on the past, I wish all these stupid people would
stop responding to me, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, stop
waisting my time!!!