2001-06-25 01:46:57 (UTC)

Sunday, June 24, 2001

Dear Journal,

Saying that makes me feel like Doug from the
cartoon "Doug" Well anyway, obvisoly(can't spell) you are
reading my journal. Welcome! Let me talk about my self. I
am Melissa. I am 14 years old. I am turning 15 in August. I
am a NSync/BSB fan. I like the New York Yankees, I am
unsocial I play softball and the pretty much covers up me.
Lets talk about today. Today me and my family or is it My
Family and I went to my cousin Laurie's birthday/graduation
party. My cousin Kim who is my age was the only one there I
actually had a conversation with. You see.. I am unsocial.
If you are unaware of what it means it means i dont like to
be social. I am this way because i am extremely shy and
kinda paranoid. Well anyway Me and kim were talking for
awhile and then she decieded to go in the pool. I would
have gone in too but its that time of the the month and i
couldnt go in. So I dont know anyone really well there so i
just talk with my aunts and uncles and laugh at their
stories of their childhood. I have a job also. I am a 'file
clerk' at the doctors office that my mom works in. I make
some pretty decent money. So any way after the party i
pretty much just went in MY OWN pool, took a shower and now
here i am. My mom is always asking me to tell her why i
dont like to hang around my friends. I am unsocial and I
just don't feel right when i go out. I dont know why. THere
is only ONE person who understands this. This is my friend
heather who is also unsocial but she doesnt have it as bad
since she still hangs out with her friends. But she
understands. And I respect her for understanding me. I wish
more people would. I wish my friends would. Thats it for