The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-06-25 01:28:25 (UTC)

Graduation!..........depression..thats me!

Ok well today i had a BLAST!! i went to my friend Jareds
graduation party and him,Vicki, and ended up having a water
fight!!! it was awesome!!! I also had a blast playing
football with Gina,Dan,Jared,Dustin,and four other people i
didnt know, it was so fun!!lol oh well Mary didnt go and
either did Libby ir Ashley bit thats ok...Well I havent
mentioned it yet but apparently Trika is coming to NY for
some of the summer and she might be moving that should be
cool lots of fun! yah! i am pretty excited but i am sure i am not as
excited as Mary..b/c i know for a fact that Mary really really misses
Trika so it should be fun...exceptd for work..but thats ok...I have a
orthodontist appt. tommorow
so I HAVE to go to work and i dont want to! it soooo sucks!
oh well it is like 9:23 and know one is on! hopefully they
will be on sometime!! ahhhh i am sooo bored nothing to do
and know one to talk to..."Bordem sweet sweet Bordem" oh well just
read Will's Entry into this Diary thing and all he said was
like "words cant describe what we have" and i was like omg that
is/was so sweet and he also said a whole lost of sweet nice things
like that about Ashley,Mary,Libby,Sarah,and Ashley A...I think that
was it im not memorey kinda sucks like oh well
i am really really tired b/c i had to work today and i am so tired..
so i think im gonna go to bed...yah i will!

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