Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-06-28 10:52:04 (UTC)


Current Music: 'The Perfect Drug' by NIN

Hehe, I'm picking a fight with a guy in my class who I'm
chatting to.

My Mum is such a fucking bitch. I hate her so much. I never
EVER get along with my Mum. Every single day before I leave
for school, we'll be arguing about something and, she'll
usually be the one who starts it.

My Dad is being a complete asshole at the moment as well. I
can't wait until I can move out. I think I might study here
for a few years at uni, and then when I've got a degree
(maybe in journalism), I'll move away overseas. I don't
really know where I want to move. It'll probably be to
either Australia or the states. Actually, I don't give a
fuck where it is, as long as my parents can't find me there!

I went to a movie tonight. I don't like any of the guys
that we went with. They're complete dicks. I hate going
anywhere with them. They treat me, and my other friends who
are girls like shit. Plus, I hate being seen with them.
Sure, I sound like a bitch, but walking around in a big
group of shabby looking losers who are teasing you about
wearing all black, trying to get us in shit with random
girls, and generally making fools of themselves and all of
us isn't really that appealing. They were all being so mean
tonight. Especially one of them. He pretends to be wasted
all the time, because he thinks it makes him look cool. It
doesn't. It's just embarassing. I'm vowing not to go
anywhere with them ever again, just because of the way they
all acted tonight. I don't know why my other friends bother
hanging out with them. They're so mean to everyone.

You've probably all taken what I've said in the wrong way,
and think I'm a snobby little bitch. I'm not, but you can
all think what you want.

Bye Bye

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