it's not the heat...
2001-06-24 23:58:45 (UTC)

in the beginning...

Okay. i moved. It has been one week. I have never lived
farther than 2 hrs from home. Suddenly i am in a whole new
country. i honestly didn't expect America was THAT
different from Canada...but you know. the dirty South and

So apart from being homesick and missing my family and my
group of friends that i've had know, you
coudl say it sucks.

the job. I like the job. The job is good. The people seem
nice...but still...

Please, please tell me everyone here isn't as prudeish
or, on the flip side, "trashy" as they seem...Like. the people I meet
are just not LIKE me...or at least they don't click with me how i'd
expected...or hoped...i dunno. it's either grossly uneducated,
can't-string-a-proper-sentence type people, or prudeish, snot-driving-
daddy's-mustang straight shooting types...hi, does my crowd EXISIT in
this country?!

I know things will look up. It's just tough to beleive
right now. Plus. I hate to admit, but my exbf was right -
no guy wants to "just be your friend". Wow did i find that
out fast...I'll get into that one later.