Reality Bites
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2002-06-28 06:26:56 (UTC)

Back finally!

Im home from cheer camp! Yay me. It was the hardest 4 days
of my life. Our days went from 6am to 10pm with one 1hr.
break. I'm so sore it's not even funny. I hurt my neck
stunting and I'm sun burnt/tanned fully. I learned 12
dances in a day in a half and had to have them perfected by
the 3rd day 4 evaluation. It was madd stresful but I was
glad when today came and we got to have a little fun and
then go home. It was a 7 and a half hour bus ride. Lonng!
We all completely bonded. Im hella tierd and I need to get
offline cause Luke is calling...later

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