Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-06-28 05:43:49 (UTC)

Why do the special people in our lives always leave so quickly but make so many memories??!!

Man...Today was another typical day in the life of Katie. I
found out this afternoon a good friend of mine is leaving
town. And not comming back. Hes an awesome guy and Im gonna
miss him tons. Hes always been there for me and done so
much for me. If only I could have told him the true
feelings I had. But I guess now its too late for that. Hes
leaves tomorrow morning at 10. And I wont get to talk to
him for atleast 10 weeks. I think thats when he gets the
net and his phone. Tonight I said bye to him, I gave him a
card and a teddy bear. He said he was gonna take it with
him. I cryed but then he put a smile on my face and said "
Katie ur too pretty to be sad" I smiled and he said thats
better. Oh man, I dont think he knows how much I really am
gonna miss him. Who am I gonna like talk to and get advice
off. Like I mean I have friends but he always gave me
really good advice. And helped me out all the time. I
remember I was upset one day. Not too long ago, he came to
my house he said he didnt have long but he told me to get
in the car and he drove me around the street acouple times
lol and was singing areosmith to me. Hes such a sweet
I should go...before I get even more upset........:*(