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2002-06-28 05:05:11 (UTC)

Second to last Chemo under my belt

So many things go thru my mind... What next? How is this
gonna play out?
After seeing my Oncologist yesterday, we penciled in a
tentative date for surgery. Removing my left breast and
some lymphs. Don't know how many, how extensive this will
be. All I know is that I'm scared. As well I should be.
Evidentally, this cancer, Inflammatory Breast Cancer, is a
doosie. Very aggressive, very lethal. Will I see my
children grow up?
It really sucks, from one day to the next, not knowing.
I'm not so sure I really want to know. I see pro's and
con's on either side.
My daughter is in here now...so i'm gonna sign out for now.

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