Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
2001-01-05 06:05:03 (UTC)

Hey I m so soryr that I haven t..

Hey I'm so soryr that I haven't been writing! I've just
been so busy lately! I've been working like a total 24/7
thingamabob. We finally got my new computer & everything
setup, oh & I actually know how to use it! LOL! However, I
haven't got my webcam linked to my page yet b/c the intel
SUCKS! But it should be up soon :o) I met a really great
guy named Aaron that lives not too far from here. It's
funny b/c we seem so much alike, we tend to worry about the
same kinds of things although neither of us really should.
He's cute, funny, a lil shy, & for once, some1 who's
actually nervous about meeting me? lol! Usually IM the
nervous 1...ah well! Missy is really sick :-( I feel so bad
for her! I just wanna make her feel all better but
unfortunately I have no choice in the matter. I feel
helpless! And for those of you who don't know, Missy is my
cat, she's Killers mom. SPEAKING OF KILLER, she just
happens to be the main attraction of my webcam! She's
forever on my lap & walking alone the keyboard that I don't
think she misses a moment out of the spotlight. People get
on netmeeting & see my cam & they're like "awww look at the
cute kitty!" & I'm like, yeahyeah now "awwwww look at the
cute chrissy!" *giggle* oh well! Furr overrides makeup I
guess! I have FINALLY got napster back on my computer
*doing the happy dance* So please, if any1 has some
suggestions on good songs that I might like, SUGGEST THEM
TO ME! lol! Well gotta go all TTYPL (talk to you peoples
later) lol!
All my fuckin love,
~ ~
o 0