my life (as told by me)
2002-06-28 04:01:54 (UTC)

summer fun

it's the 27th, i believe. lol. well, it stormed like a
bitch today, but hell, i was a little kid again and went
outside and played in the puddles. yes, i know what you're
all thinking...what a moron. i know i am, but come on, me
in a bathing suit? how much better can it get? lol. report
cards came. not like that's a bad thing...SINCE I PASSED
EVERYTHING! lol. i was so worried about math, but turns
out, i got a 73 on it. :-D means i passed and i dont have
to go to no stupid ass summer school. i got the whole
summer to myself. which is nice. get to relax, and just do
whatever i want. i'm hoping to get my belly button pierced
this towards the end of july, when jess comes
out. he'd have to sign for it, because i know my parents
would have a fit if i asked them. so, he's my best
bet...i'm gonna end up begging him. but...hopefully, he'll
be an AWESOME BROTHER like i KNOW HE IS...yes i'm a suck
up. lol. my horse show is coming up, and this's pissing me off. i cant ride in it. it's
what, next weekend...and i need as much time to get ready
as humanly possible. and i'm losing like 3 days because
we're going up to our camp during the week next week for
the fourth of july. and i asked kim if she wanted to go,
but she cant, because of drivers ed. :( i guess i'll just
have to hit up all the shops by myself. lol. oh well. i'll and them hot guys. ;) speaking of hot guys, ryan
and me have been dating for a month plus...nice huh. except
i havent spent any time with him in like a week, since
we've either been fighting or busy. i miss him so much. i
really do like him. even though we do fight occasionally.
lol. we still make it through. nothing else has been going
on that's interesting enough to put in here. so, more next
time something interesting happens.

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