Lost and Searching
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2002-06-28 03:01:30 (UTC)

Not really sure

Well i guess from my other entries, people are getting
confused, everything that happened was in a dream, and i am
thinking that it was brought on by the sudden harshness
from wayne, and then one person responded to my entry,
about something that my parents shouldn't be using the
poison, and i have no idea in hell what they were talking

All i know that today was a good day eventhough i had to
work in the sun, and for some reason the humidity really
seemed high....
the pool wasn't to busy, i didn't wonder about wayne, till
now, couldn't wait to see oscar, took my god kids out on
the farm, and let them pet the calves, showed the some of
the pasture cows.. you know the things that they normal
don't see b/c they live in they have had their
baths, and are both sleeping....its things like this, that
makes me happy to be alive......

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