2001-06-24 20:40:50 (UTC)


Yesterday was the first day of teh All-Stars Natinals
Tournament. We elimenated Moreno Valley. Today we got
elimenated by Murrieta, so now they are in the nationals.
It's all gravy, though. My team is really good.

Brittney told me that this girl Jackie told her that she
heard Antonio telling people that I sucked his dick. I
don't know if I should believe Jackie or not, but she is
really cool. I don't think Antonio would do something like
that, but you know boys. The next time I see him I'll ask
him about it. I haven't seen him in a long time though.

Friday, me, Nicole, and my sister Kristen went to the
movies because Howie *BoBo* said he was going to go. That
nigga never showed up. We were going to see The Fast and
The Furious, but it was sold out. So we went to see
Dr. Dolittle. It was pretty funny. Lil' Zane is so fine!

At the movies I saw this boy that I had the biggest crush
on. He is so fine! Hie name is Frank. He's a Mexican
thug. . .(my type).

Well, I guess I'll go now. Talk to you later!