The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-06-28 02:05:52 (UTC)

*Big huge things never ever seem to work out the way i want them to sigh*

Yeah. Life is confusing and complicated. I miss having
things easy. But that sorta all disappeared when trika and
I went out. Its not getting any easier now that we arent.
*Sigh* Heres the deal. Trika and I broke up. Okay I
handled it badly at first. She was my first girlfriend and
all. So I'm like okay. I need to get ahold of myself and
I did. Trika and I are going to be friends. So I start
talking to Patti again. She was a big source of conflict
while trika and I were going out. I kinda of liked her and
she liked me. So we start talking and I tell her I like
her. She still likes me. Great right? No. One of both of
our best friends likes her. So she talks to him. He seems
to be handling it well... But I donno. Patti and I are
doing something Saturday. I hope things dont get strange.
I just want a normal dating life that is going to drain the
life out of me. I wouldnt change anything from my first
one but it really was draining. It showed my last quarter
of high school. I think my grades really dropped. But if
I had the chance to do it all over again I dont think Id
change a thing. But anyways on a happy note I got accepted
into the music recording program at the local college here.

TTYL people