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2002-06-27 23:56:21 (UTC)

Reading Binge

I received a letter from the library that the holds on my
books were about to expire so I made a quick trip to
Corvallis yesterday and picked them up. I read all of
Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman yesterday afternoon and then
started on City of Bones by Michael Connelly which I
finished this afternoon. I still have Stephen King's book
of short stories, Everything's Eventual. We'll be
going to Corvallis on Sunday for the first part of Gavin's
summer advising program (which is Sunday afternoon and Monday
morning) at Oregon State so we'll probably make a stop at
the library one of those days to pick up any remaining
books. The only other best seller I'm waiting for is Steve
Hamilton's North of Nowhere but the library only has one
copy so it may be a while. The other books I'm waiting for
are quilt books.

John wants to go to Albany tomorrow afternoon. He's
working graveyard shift tonight and will sleep in the morning.
We'll go to Costco and pick up a few things (antacids, mayonnaise,
chocolate chips, bananas, eggs and milk are what I have on the
list now and put gas in the van. He also wants to pick up his
power washer; it wasn't repaired as it needs a new pump. I think
he's planning on looking for a new one.