My Life!!!
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2002-06-27 23:02:38 (UTC)

Does He or Doesnt He Like Me!?!?

....*sigh*...what can i say?! I get mixed signals by him.
I told him so many times that i have liked him but i think
he just takes it as a joke and that im not telling the
truth. I tell him im not lying and that i am speaking from
the heart...but i dont know how He FEELS!!! Yesterday i
was on-line with pedro and gary and i told pedro that i
liked gary....alot!! So pedro told gary if he would ever
go out with me and gary said....maybe...i dunno!! You see
those are the mixed signal. We always flirt with one
another...but maybe thats what i think! Then pedro asked
him that if he knew i liked him...and gary said that he
suspected it....is that a yes...or a no???!!!
He is always on my mind and....nm!!! Im just gonna keep on
trying...it doesnt hurt to try does it??


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