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2002-06-27 23:01:32 (UTC)

First Day of Work

Ok, so I just got home about 30 minutes ago from my job as
a counselor @ the Y. I had the most amazing time today,
even though I'm exhausted.
I had this whole long convo with this guy who was cute, the
type of guy every single girl has a crush on, but he's so
nice! we were talking about music and movies and stuf --
haha, the only thing we agreed on was incubus :)
i also spoke to lee a bit today, which was nice.
he's..interesting? i guess would be the word...
but my kids are so cool. they're already asking me to come
back next year. one of the girls lives right behind me, and
another one, i taught when she was in first grade.

anyway i'm going out to dinner...my brother's treat :)

but first, to express my loserness, i'm taping the olsen
twins' movie...winning london? haha such loserness.

Current Mood/Song: "Hands Down" Dashboard Confessional