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2002-06-27 22:12:56 (UTC)

First Entry

Well, this is my very first entry..yay! I would like to get
a journal at but you need some password for
it and i have to wait for my friend to give it to me, if
she will. Anyway, summer is finally here, well its been
here for almost a Its going by pretty fast i
guess, or maybe because I've been out of town for part of
it. Last weekend, I attended a retreat in Louisiana, it was
soo awesome. I'm very happy to say that I met Matt Smith
from REal World New Orleans there, after all he is the Life
Teen Spokesperson. Whether or no he remembers me is a
different story because he probably met about a thousand
other teens, but still it was cool. But thats ok because I
got a picture with him(actually I got 3, but my lense on my
camera wasnt in all the way, and he was totally blocked out
of them) and an autographed picture of just of..such a
cutie! But I had a great time, I learned so much about
myself...its almost unreal. Anyway, these last couple days
have soo boring. I just got off the phone with my good
friend Brittany, it's the first time we've talked in about
2 weeks. It good to here a familiar voice again. But
actually im supposed to call her back, but I decided to do
this instead. Oh yes, and I had the weirdest dream last
night that my brother turned physco and killed his
girlfriend and that I went out with someone, but I can't
name it because im parranoid that there are some secret
spies reading Tonight im going to a church
concert and I hope its fun, it should be. Love ya!