Life of Joolz
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2001-06-24 17:51:39 (UTC)

Sunday 24th June 2001

My God I aint had time for owt today-Jesus, I have just
gorron me comp now and it's 6.40pm on a lovely bright
Mental health report: V.good but knackered beyond belief
(too tired to type) will update more tomorrow.
Bum pain 4/10 (was v.bad last night for an hour)
Tum gone down a bit
Cigs smoked: Not many
calories consumed: Not enough as I have spent 6 and a half
hours painting ceiling in lounge.

Lounge looks fab-ceiling is 'barely there' which
incidentally I used to be, it's a sort of beige with a
delicate rose tint, walls are 'biscotti' and the whole room
is now transformed. Clean, bright and a pleasure to be in-
just wish I had a new suite coz I get sick of looking at
the blue one. Oh well...
Woodwork is marshmallow, a sort of hard to describe colour,
not white but an oyster tint, looks cool and pastely.
Relaxing room now, but thing is Ron's always in it and I'm
always in here!!! Anyway, I've worked my tits off this
weekend coz I also painted my comp room all day Saturday-oh
yes I did!!!
Started it at 12noon and did above the dado in 'biscotti'
(a ivory cream colour) and beneath dado 'willow green'
which is a pale green, not horrible. Woodwork is white and
pelmet is cream too. The whole place is minimalistic and
clean and bright-ever so cheerful for once. I have also
reversed suite cushions so it's a very pale greyish slatey
colour-what a difference. So that's been my weekend-working
really hard and Ron's spent hours in the garden and fixing
gaps in wall above drain too. He's never stopped too.

Gonna apply for a home improvement loan via internet
tonight. Roof man's coming on Wednesday to discuss options,
and I'm gonna arrange new PVC front door and outside
Ron and I don't ever want to move from here as it would be
sad to move to a flat without a garden just for sake of
realising capital. Not ruling it out altogether though, but
life really is worth living when I appreciate what I've got
and stand back and look at it it for once, instead of
moaning all the time.
I am beginning to realise that life can be happy and not
all doom and gloom. Maybe I'm feeling better mentally more
than ever and more content these days? Strange feelings
these, as I'm just happy to be in when I've been at work
all day, I just love to sit out on patio, putting my feet
up with a cuppa tea (Yes tea!! Not vino)
Maybe getting old.
Possible, but I like it whatever it is.

Yesterday's grub: Breakfast-Tea
Lunch: vegetable soup/organic bread
Evening Meal: Fish and chips with gravy sauce (veggie)
very high fat but deserved it due to calories burned
decorating. No fruit at all-tut tut. never mind it was a
blow out.
Alcohol:2 glasses cabernet/2 small biere de luxe.

Today's Grub: Breakfast: Nowt but tea
Lunch: Ron made lovely salad which had outside in middle of
painting bloody ceiling: lettuce/red peppers/black
olives/coleslaw/red onion/vine tomatoes/lederdammer
cheese/organic french bread warmed in oven
Aint had evening meal yet but it's gonna be high in fat due
to urgent need of energy.

Legs are like jelly and feel weak-sat here with glass vino
and gone dizzy already.
Toodlepip for now. By the way we've nowt to wear for work tomorrow
coz I aint done no washing or ironing-bolox.