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2001-06-24 17:25:52 (UTC)

Just another Sunday

Sigh, took the oldest daughter to work, went to the grocery
store, forgot the sugar, ughh coffee with out sugar again,
but I ain't going out again. Came home made coffee, dug
out some brown sugar, ya know its not half bad...
Cooked off some scrapple and pork roll for the family, only
the 2 boys aren't up yet, shit load of dishes hiding in the
sink, ok so they're not really hiding towering might be
more like it, LOL
Dinner is made and in the fridge, made a lazy lasagna, the
reason I call it lazy is because I didn't boil the noodles
first just kinda dumped it all in the pan coverd it with
foil and wished it luck. Its sitting in the downstairs
fridge at the moment I guess till about 4ish.
Its nice here today, quiet for now at least till William
gets out of bed, he went to a lock in at the bowling alley
with his buddy Richard. It was till 6am he comes in all
excited becuase he only fell asleep for alittle bit. He
doesn't want to go to bed cause he's not tired. Ten
minutes after if that long his feet left the floor he was
snoring. Its 1pm and I still haven't heard any sound of
life from his room. I'm not complaining, once Will starts
the day its bouncing with "Can I's and I forgots" his two
basic replies for everything.
Jas is still asleep too, I saw his freind Matt at the
grocery store, he looked kinda dazed as he was trying to
inpersonate a bagger at the end of the check out counter
that was balancing him. I think he was out with Jas and
the crowd last night. They're basicly a good group of guys
as long as you don't remember what it was like to be 18/19
and just graduated HS. LOL , unfortunately for Jas I don't
have amnesia, but I do have a good sense of humor.
Bill is just kinda chilling today, laying low I suppose for
fear that I will realize he's just sitting and I'll come up
with something for him to do.
Me, huh, I'm supposed to be working on my budget so that I
can give it to the lady down in Beaver tommorow. Sigh if I
could challenge my self and quit procrastinatig. I don't
know why its such a struggle for me. I mean its not like I
get out of bed and think shit on it I'm just gonna do
nothing. I have this pathetic list of things buzzing
through my head of responsibilites and things I want to
accomplish, but somewhere along the way I can't find the
right strategy that gets it from being just a list and
makes it accomplished. My shortcomming in life! I
procrastinate, not everything so I guess I'm redeemable,
but damn it makes it difficult and sometimes creates more
headaches then I need or deserve. sigh.... off to do my