2001-06-24 17:11:01 (UTC)

A Crazy day at Disnyeland...the happiest place on earth...

The other day, I went to Disneyland, ( the
happiest place on earth) with my school band ( yes...i'm
still in shock that somehow i got dragged into playing the
xylophone....actually.....I guess it was for my ex-bif when
we were still going out). Anyhoo......the night before I
went to disnyeland, I wasn't expecting much of the next day
at all. I felt like I was too old to be doing such foolish
things such as going to Disneyland. Especially since it was
with the school band, and I wasn't really that good of
friends with many of the people in band except for Kari and
Lena...who are a few of my best gal friends. Unfortunately,
Kari was the only one that was a really close friend of
mine that went. Well, I woke up the next day to go to
Disneyland, sluggishly packing my needs....( camera,
sunblock, food, money, dancing shoes, and a tube top
dress..) You ask why I packed a dancing outfit,
it turns out.....maybe i shouldn't go into it.......
actually, I don't have much time to be babbling to
myself on the internet. Basically, I met this awesome guy
in my group, who was really nice and funny...I wonder
what's up with me.....well.....i wish he would call me, too
bad he doens't have my phone number...and it's not in the
directory. Oh well, i better go...