SuGaR RuSh
2002-06-27 18:49:52 (UTC)

ow ow ow

hi..i just got back from the arms hurt
bad..they couldnt get blood outta my 1 arm so they went 2
the the pain...the x rays were kinda fun lol and
the lady who did my x rays just found out shes
preggers...she was so happy hahhaa and i got new
glasses.they r soo great they r like pink and black or
purple i cant tell lol and then i got shorts and capris and
fun stuff i got 2 bra staps that have gems on em' i LOVE
them and i got a pair of shorts that r a side 5! i was
dancein around in the dressing room i was soo happy LOL
well im gunna go cuz my arms really hurts bye :(

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