¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-06-27 16:30:42 (UTC)

Well.. lets see.. Its been..

Well.. lets see.. Its been awhile since I updated this
thing... Me and Jamea and Jennings all snuck out a couple
nites ago and spray painted an old falling down
was suppose to be fun but Chris showed up and Jamea doesnt
like Chris..We were kinda having fun tho in my opinion. I
talked Jamea into going upstairs with me and then here
comes Chris and Jennings tagging along so oh well.. but
while we were upstairs I picked up what I thought was a
screen thing and threw it out the window place and it
turned out to be a window and it fell down on top of the
board that we used to get into the house so it was fucked
up....My Uncle Tim from Flordia died... He was the only one
on my moms side that I liked and liked me back.. so yeah
that sucks.. He was in a car wreck and died of blood
loss...I passed my learners on Tuesday *June 25* Yay for
me.. I drove AMANDAS NEW TRUCK up to camp and to Aunt Dee
Dees and while dad and I were leaving Aunt Dee Dees and
Jamea, Rachel, Jennings, and Britney pulled up behind us
and I told them to meet me back at my house so we all
left...Well... While we were leaving I pulled out too fast
or whatever and crushed into a sign, Did I mention that
this was Amandas new graduation present truck?? Well
yeah.. As soon as I hit it dad started cussin and screaming
and yelling so as soon as he started on me I started crying
and I will still tryin to drive! So we pulled in the
driveway at my house and Jamea pulled in behind us.. I got
out and looked at the side and screamed FUCK and dad
started bitching at me for that. Life is so stupid! So Dad
told me not to tell mom or Amanda and that way they would
think that Amanda did it, so I didnt say a word... I really
miss Adam...The 31st of this month will make a month since
weve been dating and Ive probably spent a total of 6 or 7
hours with him so far.. Im always grounded. ALWAYS! Im such
a stupid fucking retard sometimes... I dunno.. I really
dont know...Oh yeah, I got my test results back from the
Cardiologists! I have 2 more months of these 500mg pills
then Im done. Yay.. Sometimes I wish I would just die
tho....Ill explain more later..

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