Autumn Always
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2002-06-27 15:37:24 (UTC)


Well so far so good. I went up to see the baby on Sunday
with Katie. She suddenly has a head full of hair!!! I'm so
anxious for her to grow, to be at least big enough for
Katie to hold her. She's so tiny. So far I really enjoy
where I work, it's alot of fun and I like my coworkers.
Things have pretty much been the same lately. I feel like I
live in New York or something. There's always something I
have to do or get done. I'm anxious for a break. Dad's here
yet again. I had to take him to the emergency room
yesterday because he was having a hard time walking and a
funny feeling in his left arm. I practicly had to drag him
there. He's such an idiot some times. He didn't want to go
because he had things to do. Hello... heart attack/stroke
signs here. It turns out he has a bad infection. Since he
had heart surgery the may before this past one he's
suseptable to infection. But I might have a little free
time today wich I think I'll use to take a cool shower and
straiten up. It's been incredibly hot here lately. One day
at a time I suppose. It just feels like it's taking
forever. Anyway I think I'll go take that shower now and
try to keep cool. I have someone coming on Saturday to look
at the Air conditioner so I can at least find out whats
wrong with it. It would break during a heatwave....