Like a book
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2001-06-24 13:08:45 (UTC)



I'm worried that the voices in my head are becoming a
little too loud, pasta will be ready in a minute, I'm not
hungry but I'll eat, I always do.

Yesterday I went to Aunties house with Jaipreet, the
obnoxous girl I know disappears when she's out of contact
from her brother...

We went to the park, auntie lives in a really nice area,
with huge vast expanses of just grass, and we walked in the
park (Jaipreet and I had the occassional race, I ran every
time which she put down to the fact that i was wearing
shoes and she trainers, I honestly don't see the logic, she
also attempted to cheat but I can read her like a book, the
pretend stiches, the cries of "you cheater" all just a
simple act...)

She fell over, and then a white fluffy dog came, it looked
really cute until it started barking, not your average bark
because i've been with dogs a lot, this was a lot more
fierce, Jaipreet screamed while the dog continued to circle
her, the owners made no attempt to call it back and poor
Jaipreet fell with fear, the dog followed it's owners and
my mum muttered something that spurted a loud of swearing
from the owner's mouth.

I hope their dog bites them up.

Jaipreet is scared of dogs and cats, we learnt this when
she avoided Aunties pet cat Sheeba at all costs. I stroked
the cat, it was soft. I wish I had a cat...