The Princess
2002-06-27 13:58:06 (UTC)

Tis Free!!!!!!

Tis has been so long since I written in my Diary. Been much
to busy getting things straightend out. The Prince & I have
long since separated a month ago. I actually have been very
busy since I last wrote an entry to you diary.
Now I live in my own such miniture castle. No more
ignorance on behalf of the Prince. No more waiting on him
hand & foot. No more Prince!! =)
Now that I am moved out and away from that ole big drafty
castle, (that had been my home for the past several years),
is now only just a memory. Fading into my past.
My past job I had tis was a nightmare! I groomed horses,
and then cleaned horse stalls. The boss lady was a real
witch! She was mean and emotionally abused all her help. I
lasted about a month untill I had no choice, but to walk out
when she literatly threw a halter attached to a lead rope
at the stall I was in grooming a horse. The horse spooked
and I almost was trampled by the beast! Now I'm back to
finding work once again.
The Prince is now in PORN heaven. Right where he belongs.
All alone with his pc. LoL The thought of him discusts me!
I thank god everyday I am away from that awlful man!
He most definately needs to seek some type of professional
help! I pity any girl whom takes up with him. For her life
will be nothing but miserable.
Till Next Time Fellow Diarist!! =)

~*Princess Blue*~