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2001-06-24 08:56:00 (UTC)

a survey

2. Do you consider your name to be the most beautiful
name in the world?
nope.. i think mya is a nice name.

3. If you suddenly became a cannibal for a day, who
would be the first person you'll eat?
my nephew, alif.. he's just chewable.. and his legs
are so fat and succulent and they just look like

4. What do you do when you're down?
cry. sleep. and cry somemore

5. Who is your favourite Ally McBeal character?
richard. he's de chandler of ally macbeal

6. Is Jennifer Lopez hot to you?
not really lah...she's ok..

7. Which are your most favourite movie and TV show?
spheremovie edtv show

8. Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry?
chocolate chip?

9. What is one amazing fact you know, which you think
others wouldn't know?
the fastest way to kill a cockroach is to pour hot
water on its head... shampoo also i think. and
cockroaches can survive max 9 days if its head get
separated from it.

10. If you formed a music group, what would it be
the sappy crooners. singing songs such as boy george's
do you really want to hurt me ala wedding singer..

11. Boybands. Love them or loathe them?
some are nice.. some i cant stand...

12. If you could give someone you know an award, what
award would it be and to whom?
siti and ling for the spirit-liftin and hope giving

13. What is the easiest way to make a million?
go to indonesia and change a coupla hundred bucks to
one million rupees?

14. Who hurts you the most? myself. actually its not a
matter of who, its what... and what hurts me most is

15. If you could create a holiday, when would it be
and what would it be called?
i dont noe when but it would be the holiday holiday..
where u cannot do anythin but laze at home. and sleep.
snore like a pig.. hmm.. doesnt dat exist already..?

16. Have you ever had any near-death experience?
i nearly drowned. and also a nearly get pulled by some
maniac over the parapet.

17. Armageddon or Deep Impact?
armageddon. they have a scene where they all walk like
some macho bastards wearing ornge suits. ahh...

18. Name someone that you love. ****.

19. Would you marry someone just for his or her money?
i dont think i'd get married.. i spoke abt this to my
mom and she laughed. when she saw i was serious she
said i'd die lonely then.. i went huh?

20. Have you ever wished someone would just drop dead?
If yes, who was it?
yeah..a lot of times..

21. If you were about to be executed, what would your
last meal be?
my late grandma's recipe of ayam masak merah.. chicken
lah.. and my maknek's satay goreng.. my chup's beef
steak... siti's mom's onion rings.. my granpa's
fishball soup.. chicken rice from hawa's.. rojak from
dawoods.. wah~ drool drool....

22. Are you sappy?
yes... to the core

23. Will World War Three ever happen?
i dont even wanna think abt..

24. Who should replace Pierce Brosnan as the next
James Bond?
rob lowe...

25. Have you ever had any ghost encounters?
yup.. on my way home from pahang.. well i forced my
dad to drive home that nite coz i wanted to catch the
carebears show the next morning.. so he drove lah..
him, my mom, me and bro and my grandmom and maknek. so
we had to pass this jungle route and it was all dark
so yup umm.. there all of us had an encounter with dat
thing.. it sat on the roof top and even though my dad
was steppin on the peddle supposedly goin 120km/h we
were movin like 20km/h.. it tried goin in.. but ahh..
dunnolah.. goosebumps already liao.

26. Which is your most favourite fairy tale?
beauty and the beast.... ahh...

27. What is the worst thing you have ever worn in your
i dunno.. lots of things maybe...

28. Who is your most favourite and most hated teacher?
miss vivian huan from pri skool and miss johara! i
love em both. most hated would be that maths hod who
scolded me just because i couldnt stand upright during
flag assembly.. i was like excuse me.. my knee cap was
jutting out? fark off!

29. If you could go anywhere in the world to enjoy the
scenery, where would it be?
anywhere i can see umm butterflies... or simply
australia's surfers paradise..

30. Are you on friendly terms with your neighbours?
yup.. i greet em every morning.. well they;re the ones
on the right lah..

31. Which is your most favourite fast-food restaurant?
long john silver for their salad and coleslaw

32. What is your biggest fear?
to be unloved. stranded in de lift alone.. my parents
finding out what i have been doin all these while...
yup dats second to the ultimate which is fear of God

33. Predict a future career for three people that you
siti would probably work in some web designing
multimedia shebang thingy.. ling would be a
newscaster.. and hema would be a counsellor..

34. Who can you count on to keep their promises?
i dunno.. a lot of poele maybe?

35. Who is the sexiest person alive?
fat bastard...well, he claims so...

36. What do you think of your own country?
its like nice compared to malaysia lah.. but a bit

37. Is there anyone that you're missing right now?
yes.. please refer to question #18

38. What are you guilty of?

39. If you could be someone else for a week, who would
it be?
may tan.. i'd make real terrible stuffs.. and then
she'd have to live it for the rest of her life... and
i mean serious business like hitchiking nude along PIE
or doin the full monty in sin hup seng dry market
store off jalan joo chiat

40. Can you cook?

41. Austin Powers or James Bond?
james bonds.. for his fast wheels

42. If you were left with $10 for the day, what would
you do with it?
buy bubble tea... and sit along orchard rd and watch
people.. the id take cab and go home.

43. How many pillows do you sleep with?
one.. my ultimate bantal busuk which nobody except
mard can stand.. tuty hates it.. siti hates it and at
the last count 87 poele wrote up a petition for it to
be sent to space.. BUT its NOT that bad ok! ask mard!

44. What do you have as your computer's wallpaper?
the orion's belt.. ;)

45. Dedicate a song to someone.
bitch by meredith brooks to myself

46. Describe yourself in 3 words.
pessimisitic. crazy. complacent

47. What song is currently your favourite?
frankie vallie's cant take my eyes of you

48. Would you rather have 10 million dollars or a true
like siti.. i got my true friend. can i have dat 10
million dollars please. in cash please.

49. Who inspires you?
i dont noe.. i cant think of any rite now.

50. Any last words?
well dis IS my last survey before skool starts and all
and dat is in 15 hours... sorry for makin u read my
crap y'all...