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2002-06-27 11:01:54 (UTC)


I wasn't mad at you. I just never wanted him to find my
pager number. Thats what I wanted to be careful about. I wasn't
implying that you left my number out. Its unfortunate. How can you
say you're mad at ME? All I've ever tried to do is protect you and
myself from getting hurt. I've always tried to look out for your
feelings. Are you saying your done with me completely? If so tell
me coz I want closure. All I ever wanted was what was best for you.
I never wanted to hurt anybodies feelings but I guess thats
impossible in this situation. I keep thinking about what it would be
like for us to be together but that seems less and less
likely. If you never see me as a lover again, then just
remember me as a good friend coz thats how I will remember