Meshed Up
2002-06-27 10:57:19 (UTC)


there is always a gap between action and intention. that's
why when people commit suicide by overdosing on pills, they
take the pills one at a time. so that they can turn back
halfway. at least that's what paolo coelho thinks...

sir menguin said many worry about bringing their ship to
the sea when in fact the problem does not lie in bringing
your ship to the sea, but staying on the sea in the middle
of nowhere.

i worried about not getting into law. but everything is
going to be much more difficult from now on. i must know
and learn how to stay on the sea. i must figure out a way
not to sink. if i do sink, let me sink only a little. let
me not die.

people will fall but that does not mean they will never be
successful. grades in school do not mean a thing. the
stupidest person might be the most successful person out of
the entire class. the movers of this world are foolish
people simply because they do not do what society expects
them to do.

i wish to be a fool. sir menguin said jesus christ is the
most foolish person he has ever known. when someone hits
you on one cheek, will you give him the other cheek? when
someone throws stone at you, will you throw bread back at

i don't know if he wants to be like jesus. but he has given
me a glimpse of how much he loves christ. sadly, most
people are too human to understand him. even i am too human
to fully comprehend him and his mind, which is small
compared to the vast ocean, but bigger than those who claim
to be wise and smart and intelligent.

he warned me that i will fall. that i will fail. that i
will cry. but after i look at the sky at night and stare at
the stars, in the morning i must move on.

am i scared? yes. it takes a long time for the morning to
come whenever i stare at the stars at night.

there are many things that i must learn. there is always a
gap between action and intention.

dinner time for now. the ideal death for sir menguin is to
die for one's country. and when he dies, he wants someone
to pick up his sword and continue to fight for
fight for freedom...

he says he sees freedom in me. perhaps one day, if god
allows, i will be the one to pick up his sword.