Jena's Rants
2001-06-24 08:29:32 (UTC)

IHOP: International House of Prostitution

Q: How many stoners does it take to change a tire?

Have a new name to add to this mass confusion of an online
journal. Let's refer to him as Ralph - cause that is what
he did outside of King Herbage's house this evening.
Hopinononefoot had to leave cause his parents suck dick (I
hope they read this). Mr. Rampant Philospohies is here
chilling as well. Mr. Serious is, uh - serious as always.
Too serious for my liking actually. Just fucking around,
though it is a bit disturbing to have a person that
serious all of the time. I think he is depressed. Maybe
he needs to self medicate more often. Or perhaps he just
needs to get laid as Ralph just said. We suffered a snafu
of sorts this evening. We had a flat tire, and no Ralph it
is not my fault that your tires were bald. DuH! I can't
help it that I like it fast. So it took forever to change
the tire, because all we had at our disposal was stoners
that would rather indulge the "munchies". So we had to
accept the help of some drunk government mules. Oh well.
Tis all, I am not in my usual creative mood. Hence the
boring entry.