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2002-06-27 10:24:00 (UTC)

the dream about the thing that kept us captive

This dream was influenced by the book I have just
finished reading recently called Catch 22.


Me and a few friends were being held captive by this
alien thing. (Like the goblin in the movie spiderman,
except this one was a female.) We were being put
through all these experiements to see if we could
survive them or not. We were to continue these
experiements until we were killed in one of them, and if
we refused to do them, they shot us. (catch 22) One
particular experiment was when we were given 5
poisons. The weakest one 1st, and the most potent
one last. They were giving us these poisons to see
which ones made us throw up. I was further down the
queue of people, and the sight of my friends throwing
up from the poisons they had been given, made me
throw up before I had even taken the 1st one. Because
of this, I was able to go onto the next experiment without
actually taking any poisons. (the goblin didn't realise
that I hadn't taken any poisons, she just thought I had
because I threw up.) So I got out of that experiment, and
ended up escaping somehow with a couple of people.
(the rest were all dead by this stage.) Just as we saw
'home' (ie Earth), I realised that one of my friends had a
tracking device on them, and at once I knew that we
were not free for long. A moment later, the goblin came
into sight, and I knew that was the end for the rest of us
who had survived the longest.

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