2002-06-27 10:12:58 (UTC)

the dream about the woman in high heal shoes

This dream was viewed by me as the third person. I
saw everything. and felt emotions but was unable to do
anything to influence the happenings in the dream.


There was a little boy, about 9 or 10 years old and he
was lying down on the ground in a parking space. A car
came along and turned into the space. I was scared
that the boy was going to be hit by the car, but It
stopped, without running over the boy. I felt a huge pang
of relief, although I was unable to stop what happened
next. A woman with high heal shoes jumped out of the
car and began running. (She must have been in a
hurry.) She didn't see the boy lying there, and she stood
on him. The heal of her shoe pushed right through the
boys' eye, killing him instantly.