Dark Secrets
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2002-06-27 09:14:22 (UTC)


I'm not sth for u to pile your shits on. DON"T TAKE PEOPLE
FOR GRANTED. What the hell did u do when it comes to
handling such problems???? you thought by getting me
things, no matter hard u tried to save up is treating me
with love and i will get all my satisfaction and stick with
u because of those? You have an overwhelming lousy attitude
and u are self centered, so much, that you are not willing
to make sacrifices, you are not willing to open up, not
willing to get hurt, and love with all you can. Is what you
call that love? you think u have did a lot dun u? U are
just a coward, stuck in ur nutshell forever,loving
yourself, proud of ur achievements, living in ur own happy
little world with no one to interfere, no one to love you.
You are just a selfish freak, now i understand why she left
you so early....haha....or why no girls ever want to be
near you. BECAUSE U R JUST LIKE A DISEASE..... now i got
your stupid incurable disease...and you kill. Arent you sad
that you are killing me bit by bit? how would a disease
ever know how much harm they can ever do? u r a loser...and
u will be for ur entire life....coz thats the way u are...
hohohohoho....dun grow! stay the way u are....ur friends
love u for that.