Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-06-27 08:14:14 (UTC)

A Couple Of Dreams...

Not that interesting really, but I ought to make a note of
them. Firstly from the morning before last...

I was in a train in Japan, repeatedly going across the
country with a friend of mine, and we spent a long time
discussing how rural the country there were so
few villages, how there were not even any churches where in
England one would expect to see them... The only problem
was, the Japan we went across was flat, very flat, and of
course, the real one is the exact opposite. And less dry
than the one we went over too.

Then yesterday morning, I was tiling a swimming pool
deciding whether or not to use darker blue tiles at the top
rather than the bottom, and whether or not I could fool
people with it.

See? Not that exciting.

WILT? Dido - Hunter (Live MTV)