2002-06-27 07:40:56 (UTC)

that's new...

Men do wierd things sometimes. I have been yelled at by men
in cars, trucks, semi-trailers, on rollerblades, and on
bicycles as well as men carrying grocery bags and men
buying hotdogs. However, this gentleman that I encountered
today was actually driving a FRIKING TRAIN as he yelled out
his window at me. It was pretty bizarre. I don't know why
men do such pathetic things. They just yell for the sake of
yelling I guess. I was on my way into a fancy resteraunt
for a dinner for work. My boss is retiring. So yeah, that
was wierd. I went to the bar tonight with Quinn but nothing
really interesting happened.. this guy grabbed me and was
like pushing himself up against me which was really gross.
That's never happened to me before. I guess once you date a
few losers the rest of them just sorta flock over. :P
Went to perkins after that and we saw the guy that Dan
apparently gave his permission to hit on me... I think the
guy is like, kinda slow or something though so it doesn't
bother me too much. I think the reason Dan said OK was cuz
he knew that it'd never happen. Dan still hasn't replied to
my email. I kinda knew he wouldn't but I do sorta want him
to. I want some kind of resolution ... this isn't
resolution. So i dunno. And I found out Judge broke up with
the gf but has a new one now. So that kinda was wierd. I
don't know. Maybe it's just cuz he was my first bf or
something. But I still kinda think about him lots and
stuff. It's wierd. We would have been good friends if we
hadn't dated I think. I kinda miss him being there still...
like a year since I even last TALKED to him. :P
But now i don't want to talk to him anymore again cuz of
the girlfriend. I don't think that would go over real well.
I wanted to before when I thought he was either single or
with a girl for a long time who may be less likely to be
uncomfortable with me talking to him. But now, it's like,
fuck it. He can get girls left and right and I fight for
the one real boyfriend I've had since we broke up -- and
that was a fucking mess. It was a joke. So yeah. Maybe I
resent him somewhat or something too. Who knows. THings
just kinda suck in the boyfriend ex-boyfriend lack there of