lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-27 05:55:04 (UTC)

pacey and jen are on the boat!!!

ohhh man DO NOT watch dawson's creek. you might
become a creeker. britt & i watched it while she did my
makeup britney--style. pretty funny the first time, but it
all worked out. yeah yeah.

today meg & britt & i went shopping at the oaks. we
threw things on innocent making-out people and made
fun of old men with head wounds. yeaaaah it was a
special day. and then while we were coming home, we
got a lesson on "titties" courtesy of mrs. b. shoot shoot
i'm still cracking up now. man brittany, your mom

oh anyway i bought sterling silver earrings
(that actually won't infect my ears- yippee hooray!) and
some jeans at the GAP for $9.99. yes, you read that
correctly, kids! haha i was so stoked. and then i also
bought...hmm?? oh hair dye. and my hair is now
black. the stuff is supposed to be dark brown, but it's
black right now & i'm sure it will be puke orange blonde
in a week. good stuff.

uhh what else? i don't know. i'm hungry. apple
cinnamon cheerios are my life.

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