Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-06-27 05:18:09 (UTC)

feelin' like a fool

today whuz iight..i went up to melaniez and chilled wit
her, allen, and jonathon..it whuz kool. den i came
home..didnt do much but talk on da phone and watch sum t.v,
den i packed. and now im on da internet. sittin' here bein'
depressed. i really liked justen. but he has a gurl. dis is
sum of da shit he said to me tonite.

ItzLaura511: but i've been thinkin' and i need to stop
likin' u

J Shack500: why is that?

ItzLaura511: cuz u have a gurl and i dont c da point of me
likin' u when u like sumone else

ItzLaura511: but itz iight i'll bounce back

J Shack500: yeah, i shouldnt like yuo eather but i do. I
really can't help it. And i cant just stop likin you

J Shack500: i can break up wit her, but i won't do that
because its wrong

J Shack500: i feel kinda bad right now cause its wrong
likin you so much and goin out with her, but oh well. Maybe
we'll have our chance

J Shack500: i hope you don't think i like her alot better
then you and thats why i wont break up wit her. I really
like you and would really like to go out with you. But if i
didn't think that breakin up wit her for you waz so wrong,
i would do it like it wazn't nuttin

ItzLaura511: talkin' 'bout dis is makin' me sad

J Shack500: why?

ItzLaura511: bcuz u like sumone else

J Shack500: i cant really say what i want to though

ItzLaura511: cant say wut

J Shack500: i want to break up wit her for you really
really bad. But i didn't really want to say that.

J Shack500: why are ya mad

ItzLaura511: im mad cuz i thought i really liked u and den
u told me u liked me and den find uot today u haev a gurl,
i dunno itz depressing. but ima smile and act like im ok
cuz i'm a happy person

J Shack500: don't get depressed about it. I do really like
you and i can't help that. And i want to break up with her
but i really can't. But somethin might change ya never

~k so dat is how my nite went. he has a gurl he wnot dump
her cuz he thinksz itz wrong to dump sumone for sumone else
or sum shit like dat. i dunno. itz confusin'. but itz life
so ya kno. nuttin' i can do. oh well. i'm leavin' tomorrow
morning at like 8 in da morning for branson. so i'll write
when i get back.~