I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-06-27 05:14:26 (UTC)

A letter recieved long ago....

But it's nice to remember how someone once felt about
me....what do you guys think??

hey. sorry i didnt call you when i said i was going to.
just as i said that, chris came in and we went to go play
pool. i was going to call you on my cell phone when we
were on the way but i seem to have lost that. im sure its
around somewhere. anyway, im going to call you as soon as
i wake up tomorrow because this is the first day ive gone
without hearing your voice and i dont want to make that a
pattern. i love you to the moon and down again, around the
stars and back again. it runs through me, through my
veins, not taking the place of blood but infusing it with
a passion so my blood not only sustains my life but makes
me revel in every single moment. i love you the way a
redwood loves the soil, branching its roots throughout it,
embracing it, knowing that it is the reason the great tree
survives. i love you like the petals of a rose, the way
that they make the rose look beautiful even as they wither
and fall. i love you like plutarch for laura, penelope for
odysseus, romeo for juliet. i love you.