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2001-06-24 07:10:13 (UTC)

our song..

i dont really noe how dis came about but i knew that i used
to play dis song on the guitar late at night and sing it t
myself.. usually after endless hours of cryin and weeeping,
dis song, the lyrics would help calm me down.. lull me and
give me a new sense of i dont noe what... but alll i noe is
dat i love dis song.. it speaks all for me... im just
feelin nice and warm dat dis is our song.

"Sorry wasn't good enough
A song without meter and rhyme
A long forgotten promise I recalled I made to you
A candle flame dies in the wind
It looks like it's about to rain, about to rain"

i have a habit of sayin sorry too much.. even if i noe it
doesnt do anythin but help make the matter worst.. "a long
forgotten promise i recalled i made to you".. well i can
trace dat to philosophical part III.. a promise i vow to

"Spirals from your cigarette
Your sweet cologne on my pillow
Messages you left me still sing like some lullaby
Pretty pictures on the wall
Hopes in us will rise & fall, rise & fall.."

well, not on my pillow.. but on my sheets.. my bed..
everywehere.. times when i feel lonely my only refuge would
be my bed.. where i would just close my eyes and somehow
smell a familiar sweet scent.. of my baby's...that or i
would re-read the messsages, in dis case sms, that my baby
left me.. i vow to never delete dos msgs.. it lulls me.. i
feel so warm.. imagin my baby sayin em.. it makes me aww..
and durin those stretch of days when we dont talk, tears
would just well up and be soothed by those messages...

"And in the rain, in summer days too
When the willow tree weeps too
Under street light so bright
I'll remember you everyday"

that's the chorus on top...rain, when its cold..i get warm
by thinkin abt my baby.. and summer, i'd be calm thinkin
abt my baby too... and whenever i walk home on those lonely
nights... i would think abt my baby...

"The plane leaves in an hour's time
Hold me till our last goodbye
Silence is the only sound
No words can speak it through
I'll breathe your breath for one last time
You'll be strong and so will I, so will I "

and so the endin of the song... the most apt part of the
song.. the most apt lyrics.. the most right words... when
my baby leaves for everseas, i wished she'd hold me just
tight till our last goodbye... and they'd be the duly
silence.. we'd be just in each other's arms.. me hopin dat
dis departure is all but a nightmare.. but i guess when it
eventually happens.. it'd be real... my baby will be
strong.. i noe it.. but will i?