the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-06-27 04:47:10 (UTC)

I love u TINK !!!!!!!

Tink is the lead singer of this band now called No Hope and
i saw them tonight at Cardi's .. Brooke knows Tink and
stuff and damn he is cute .. he is a punk .. like no lie a
punk .. with the spiked hair all out .. u can see him at
their web site
check it out .. they are awsome .. no lie .. he is
awsome .. bahh humm now about the current thing with
Travis .. humm well I dunno its odd .. but not to odd ..
has been worse
funny the things i remeber .. like I remember when i was 14
and I was seeing Jason right before I left to move to
Corpus .. and he said to me .. My mom said not to do
anything with u .. but she must be crazy if she thinks i am
not going to sleep with my gurl ..
I remeber painful stuff like that .. maybe i don't wanna
move on b/c i am afraid i won't know who i am if I do ..