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2002-06-27 04:11:20 (UTC)


this week has been vacation bible school, and it has been a
lot of fun! it's weird going to church and not seeing
brandon and kaylan. i hope they come back soon.

i went canoeing today, oh man, it was crazy. we had to pair
up and kyle was my partner. and we flipped our canoe like
10 times no joke. by the end i was about ready to killing
someone! plus, i brought a bag, not knowing it would get
wet, and it fell in the water and my camera and almost
everything in my bag got messed up. i have a warrenty on my
camera so maybe i can get a new one.

besides all the bad stuff i did kinda have fun. matt was
there. but i didn't really get to hang out with him that
much. i need to talk to mendy about him.

i went to vbs tonight and mendy came. but for some reason
maria and brittani didn't come :( i wonder why?

well tommorow i have to go to work at murray county laura
is teaching an interveiw class and i get to be a model for
what you should wear to an interview. it should be pretty
fun. after work me and mandy are going to hang until vbs.

elana is leaving the teen resource center. that sucks! it
never fails right when we start getting used and start
liking someone the have to leave us (tear, tear). i will
miss her. but mayne we can find someone else that good too.
pluse she is still going to work in dalton so maybe sh'll
come and visit sometime.

i'm out.